Automation Planning Services


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Know you need lab automation but not sure where to get started?  Our automation planning services are a great place to start.

We will discuss your application requirements in detail to clearly understand your needs, then develop worktable designs (drawings) across multiple vendor platforms so you can visualize the layout of your labware and how all of the pieces fit together to ensure an adequate solution for your workflow.  We will in turn work with the vendors, using these drawings so that you can receive accurate quotations and competitive pricing from major instrument vendors.  In addition to requesting quotes from each vendor to match our drawings, we verify quote information and part line items, and provide our professional opinion and guidance on the best platform for your application(s) and budget. We will attend meetings with you and your team as needed during the planning process.  Pricing includes initial instrument design and up to two sets of revisions.

As this equipment is often built-to-order, and with lead times that can stretch to multiple months, it’s important to have things done right the first time.  Our goal with this service, is to remove the time/burden that goes into getting a new instrument quoted and to accelerate the process so that you can bring automation in-house faster and avoid costly delays that result when incorrect items are ordered.  Once you’ve decided on a platform and configuration, you’ll have the information needed to make an informed decision on selecting a vendor and a quote with the vendor to issue a PO against the quote.

Our interests are aligned with yours – we seek to provide you with the best possible solution, and we are instrument vendor agnostic.  We do not receive referral fees from instrument vendors.


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